Topic List Previews

Topic List Previews allows you to modify Discourse topic lists in various ways, including a “Reddit” style topic, a “Social media” style topic list, “featured images” above the topic list and post actions (like and bookmark) on topic list items.


The Locations Plugin allows you to add geocoded locations to topics, list topics with locations on a map, let users geocode their location and show geocoded user locations on a map.


Discussion about this site, other projects and mentoring.


The Elections Plugin extends the Polls plugin to make it possible to run elections in Discourse.


The Events Plugin allows you to associate datetime ranges with topics, display those topics on a calendar and list those topics in the chronological order of their datetime ranges. In other words, it lets you manage events in Discourse.

Custom Wizard

Custom Wizards can provide information, take user input and perform actions based on that input. Display text or images in a structured format. Take user input via text boxes, textareas, dropdowns, or radio buttons. Based on user input, update user profile fields, create new topics and create new messages.

Moderator Extension

The Moderator Extension plugin allows you to create a category-specific workflow for moderators.

Quick Messages

Adds a dropdown in the header which shows you your latest private messages. Clicking on a message opens a small window with a ‘chat’ experience for private messages, similar to Facebook Messages or Google Hangouts.